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23 August 2010

♥ summer love


updating a blog sure needs a whole lot of free time.. wich i dnt really hav.. ok so exams just over and stuff and i was thinkin for the holidays i wanna go sumwhere.. but when i think again spm is only like 2 MONTHS AWAY!! i dnt think goin 4 a holiday nw would be a good idea since after spm its all about holidays,holidays and HOLIDAYS!!

so well some people are just too much.. so old yet so fucked up.. seriously ppl who think their kids are perfect when they arent are the world's most fucked up ppl.. i mean come on i dont even think BARACK OBAMA thinks his kids are perfect so who are u man.. seriously who are u!! all ur kids are screwdmothafuckinghellasscrap piece of shit.. oh i feel so sad for u seriously.. for u n ur kids.. not gonna say their name here i bet they knw who they are themselves.. nt that yr family is perfect.. and again nt gonna bring the issueS in.. 2 many 2 list down.. so yeahh ..

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
10:17 PM
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15 July 2010

♥ Monsieur

ohh Monsieur u cought my eyes just the first time we met.. i wait every week just 2 see u because i just find u someone really really speacial.. i wish we dnt hav 2 wait our whole life for each other.. someday ... someday we'll be with each other.. n when dat day comes we will never be apart.. nt even da space of air can tear us appart and i promise you dat,..

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
3:47 AM
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25 February 2010

♥ back after a while


heeeeey!! havent updated my blog in ages.. soooooo sorry been bzie n stuff.. with tuitions n stuff.. ahhhhhhhhhh form 5 certainly doesnt rock.. even if its da last year of school bt still theres alot n i mean ALOT to study... dats nt cool.. cant even go out due 2 dis.. arghhhhh... dnt like it.. bt like they say suffer 1st enjoy later.. so sufferin anotha 9 months doesnt reli matter tho..

anyways its nt my fuckin problem if tha class is 2 noisy.. jz coz uve gt nt much frenz 2 talk 2 in class ure makin dis such a big thing..writting about u jz contempts my blog..so nt gonna waste time on dis.. :D ..

*i think im falling 4 u..we've got so many things in common* :D <3

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
9:25 PM
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08 December 2009

♥ L.O.V.E

loveuloveuloveuloveu!!!! <3 u!!!

sorry 4 da short post ppl.. will blog some otha day!!


Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
7:38 AM
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30 November 2009

♥ holidayyyyy!!

heyyyy ppl... finally had da time 2 blog... all this while ive been lazy la 2 blog... anyways its holidays n ive never been goin anywhere far yet jz here ni...n one of these days goin out wit my gurls...

anyways ystdy da most weird thing happend... hahaha onie me n Johan noes bout it.. it wuz soooo funny n weird!! anyways thnz Johan 4 saving me.. hehhe...(u owe me tho) :P:P..

n about whu ever dat may be concern.. u can carry on being sarcastic wit me in doesnt affect me in any way tho.. ure just wasting ur own time n effort seriously... n without HIM ure ntg...seriously NTG... last time i had ur back more like a sis den a fren.. bt since u dnt appreciate den dats not my prob la... n u dnt act all innocent coz ure not... so yeahh

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
10:35 PM
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14 November 2009

♥ its dam obvious!

eh u goddamfuckinretartdedpieceofshit its so fuckin obvious la k a random person aso wil noe its me la.. u dnt blady act innocent all.. in da 1st place i dnt giv a shit about ur relationship wit him wei.. i dnt giv a fuck bout him... hez fuckin outta my life so god dam long time ago la ... bt dnt come n gimme ur bull crap stories dat u guys didnt say anythn .. dats just fake..n 1st of all ur name wusnt involve so y u sibuk.. i screwing him yang u sibuk tu asal?? go get a life la rather den bad-mouthing sum1.. no life izzit??.. n so dumb wan write on ur blog 4 wat... if it reli wusnt me y delete dat post?? n btw its my fuckin life watevr i wanna do whuever i wanna b wit... does it affect u?? no ryte? ur ass doesnt hurt ryte?? y not a lil advice... go get a life 4 urself 1st n den come n talk..

fyi-- do u noe so many ppl hate u?? so yeah...change urself den change otha ppl.. :)

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
10:37 PM
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12 November 2009

♥ is it coming back??

ohmygod im gettin diz feeling back..n i think im falling 4 u.. im just speechless bout diz...its very confusing dat omg im faling 4 U?? U!!!!!!! GAWDD U!! never tought it wud b u.. seriously.. anotha S in my life??? oh my oh my oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* sorry i over sikit *


Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
10:05 PM
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